Just Cleaning the Fence

Just Cleaning the Fence

The fence in my yard got so dirty, I thought it was finally time for just cleaning the fence. Sadly, it wasn’t so simple as just cleaning the fence. I got out there with a bucket, some strong soap, and my hose. I spent nearly two hours scrubbing one square foot of the fence before I finally gave up. After all that work it still looked nearly as dingy as when I started!

It was then I came to the realization that I needed to stop doing things the hard way and get myself a pressure washer. However, I wasn’t sure which would be the right purchase. I would like to do a wide range of chores with this tool. At the same time, I’d like something simple and easy to use and upkeep. Here is my journey so I could get to just cleaning the fence.

I started looking at gas pressure washers. They pack a lot of punch. I was a little overwhelmed, by the power and the price. Gas pressure washers need more upkeep than electric models. If you find the right one, it could last you for years. I started by taking a look at bestpressurewasher.reviews. I really like their top pick, the Simpson MSH3135-S. It isn’t as powerful as other gas pressure washers but has a very reliable Honda motor.


The Honda motor starts with ease and continues to run smoothly for hours. I could probably get my Spring cleaning done within a few hours with this one tool.

It is smaller and more mobile than many other units in its class with similar power. I don’t have a lot of storage space for another new toy, so small is a plus.

It is made from quality materials. The tires are rubber, as opposed to hard plastic. The quick connect nozzles are made from stainless steel. The wand is also steel with a sturdy, yet flexible, hose.


Some users are put off by the hose. While it’s durable they don’t like how stiff the plastic is.

The nozzles don’t always stay secured in the rubber mount on the plate. I don’t want to have to go looking for my nozzles! This is probably because the motor shakes when it is in operation. Even though it isn’t as convenient, I’d probably end up securing some type of bag to the unit to store extra nozzles.

It’s loud. My family won’t like waking up to it at six in the morning on a Saturday when I get out to do yard work.

I decided to take a look at electric pressure washers. Even though the Simpson model interests me, I know I will always forget to grab extra gas. I also don’t really like a lot of sounds. That’s part of why I stuck with handwashing everything until this point. Electric models are much cheaper than gas powered ones and are less powerful. When I went to view this, I noticed a pressure washer a relative has had for a few years– The AR Blue Clean. He really loves it, so I decided to dig deeper.


It comes with two different spray wands. One adjusts to suit different light to medium jobs around the house, the second is a high powered wand for tougher jobs.

You can choose to add detergents. That will help me blast through that grime on my fence without peeling back the paint.

It’s super cost effective. Even at the low price, my relative has been able to pull it out whenever he needs it without any issues. That just doesn’t happen with gas models.

It only weighs 28 pounds. I know it’s something I will be able to handle for years to come. It also has wheels to make it even easier to move with you.

It is compact. I have two spots I could just slide it in my garage or basement. This unit won’t be in your way when you don’t need it.

My relative only has great things to say about their customer service. He gets the replacement parts through them and hasn’t had an issue.


Some of the cheap plastic parts can break or leak. They can actually be replaced with some low-cost parts. My relative bought new couplings and it doesn’t leak at all now.

Some people complain about the reel for the hose. I think these people were using it more frequently than I would.
I went ahead and borrowed my relative’s AR Blueclean to see if it would help clean my fence. When it did a great job, I went ahead and ordered myself one. If it’s not the choice for you, check out more high-quality pressure washers on this website.